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Friday, April 25, 2014

What an Absolute Arts Portfolio Can do for you Simplified Take on the Oldest Online Art Site

The very first art site online presence also known as World Wide Arts Resources, Absolute Arts, a part of has been along as a long stable art gallery online. Since years of art sales moving up and down  the gallery still boasts of the largest collection of artworks and artists from around the globe.
The Art gallery Absolute arts is a platform for artists from around the globe to exhibit and sell their artworks. One of the main reasons why artists flock around is that this gallery has been since years, and years,  and with their art presence among art students, artists and buyers  will continue to do so.
With the trend of physical art galleries coming under the burden of high maintenance costs and inflation online art portals will surely be the only stable secure way to bring forthe art to your homes. The viewer is greeted with a cheery yellow page consisting of simplified link which one can easily navigate and search. The best part comes when the instant pages open very fast as compared to other online art galleries which with all their flash and animations take a long time for a single page to open, thus making the viewer lose interest.  Yellow the color of the Solar Plexus Chakra aptly satisfies the urges to own a great piece of art.
One can see the Home page with latest artworks uploaded which gives very viewer and art buyer a fresh motive to keep going back every time and getting a glimpse of new artworks.  The artists get the facility to present their art to the whole world with the backing of the oldest online art gallery and their presence in the art market and buyers is one single boost for artists to get the premiere portfolio with the gallery.
The best part is that artist get to showcase their art for free, Entry level portfolio, upload 20 works, a very good opportunity for the new, emerging and the ‘Hungry starving artists” to get their art up online.  A simple portfolio with free images maybe three or four with your biodata can go a long way for a beginner. Moving ahead for the serious artists who want to really sell their art and showcase their works to a much larger audience,  the gallery also has the next level, paid portfolios which artists can avail by paying a yearly fee. 35% gallery commission
One step ahead with your art, in case before investing in your own website, (would involve a larger amount of money commitment) would be to move and get a paid portfolio with Absolute arts, Mid level Exposure portfolio, $44 per year and upload upto 60 images. With a lot of facilities it looks almost as good as a personal art website, with the backing of the strongest, oldest, online art gallery.25% gallery commission
The sheer number of artists and artworks online can make your art drown away however good it is and moving to another level would be just the right move for the serious artist who really wish to make a career out of art.
 You get to upload unlimited images , upto 10,000 images, with the Premiere Artists Portfolio at a cost fee of $ 100 a year,  and one time $25 Jury Fee, also get the exposure of getting your art in front of art lovers and art buyers by blogging and online art exhibitions facility. 20% gallery commission on sale.  Today blogging has become the one respectable way to enter the hearts of art viewers and art buyers and an artist can easily write about their art, their inspirations and of course explaining their motive of making art. Getting featured on the home page of absolute arts is a sure shot way to be ahead of the others with your art.
The assurance and backing of an art site is a must to begin sales for a new and emerging artist who has entered the world of the web, and make your career in art as buyers till do hesitate to purchase  from a private artists and personal art websites. In the times of fake identities, scams and phishing, false addresses a resulted art gallery does count. No wonder we ourselves will think twice before moving the credit card for a large amount of $ 1000 or more and the gallery backing sure helps from both sides for financial dealings. Another genuine reason to get a portfolio with absolute arts is there also have been so many cases of artworks lost due to false buyers and negotiations, this is one sure way to make a secure art sale and get some real money even after the gallery commission.  A mediator in the art world is quite helpful to complete the deal.

What an absolute arts portfolio can do for you as an artist-
1) Great exposure for your art world wide from established art lovers, art buyers and art collectors.
2) Opportunity to present art in a portfolio with a small amount of fees yearly.
3) The Backing of experienced professionals in the art field of buying and selling.
4) Selling art, yes it starts the process of selling as every client searches according to their tastes and likes vary from person to person. If you make affordable art there are more chances to start the process of selling your art online.
5) You get to see so many artists under one roof. Sharing, making friends, connecting, commenting on blogs, this is one opportunity to connect to other artists from the globe.
Why you must show your work here, if you are serious about your art,  you better get some space with the oldest online art site soon!  Get instant exposure for your art!
( Why I am writing about Absolute Arts, I have been a member since 2003, this is not a infatuation or first impression but true love for the oldest and most experienced online art  site, All the Best! Absolute Arts Rocks!)
Check out my Absolute Arts Portfolio here,
Thank you!
Have a Great Day!
Computer Art By Rizwana
One of the thousands of graphic designs I have made , in this world of technology where creating perfection is easy, every advertisement is photoshopped and every picture is edited, what is difficult is to keep it simple, paint like a child. striving hard to keep the innocence in my art alive!
While on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim,a s I continue to paint healing art...I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals.

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