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Sunday, April 21, 2013

How to make collage of your small paintings Cubism paintings collage

new collage made of small paintings done in year 2004 to 2007.
Adding touch up of vibrant colours shows my progress with use of colors in my art. From the darker subdued tones to bright fresh and vibrant colors.  I  also focus more on using contrasting colors rather than to go for harmonious color schemes.
Collage of my early cubism small paintings.  The idea came upon assembling a few small works on cubism style, each one felt connected and with simple colors connection of shapes connection I took them and made a collage , looking a new artwork, Untitled, a complete whole.
For making collage of your small paintings do get a good quality glue and rough cloth handy. Keep the ground surface clean and smooth.
Assemble or plan the collage well in advance, as I have gown over and over with the designs part for many months before finalizing the collage. A connecting line, a selected color, a border line that will make the work of art look something totally different then when it was earlier.What more this has given a new life and energy to the earlier works with bright choice of colors.
It gave me immense happiness.
You  can also get creative and cut out different shapes from the old paintings that look great and remove the parts that are not going so well with the artwork.  Try out making collages in different sizes , different shapes and different styles and textures, keep experimenting, that's art!
Thank You!

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