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Friday, November 30, 2012

Please Pray..for my pet - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
please pray our alexandrine parakeet comes back safe, she has been caught by someone and kept in cage. We are all trying to locate her voice and search for her in the adjacent buildings.
My love story with a pet began two and half years back she came to our window during fasting season and we offered her fruits. She ate and left. Our neighbours caught her and kept her for a week but left her as she was not eating inside. She came to us and we fed her and she flew, the next day again she came, she would come outside my window sill as sun set,  for nearly three months,  her persistence, I let her in during winter, and the rest is history! she loves almonds, fresh cut fruits, biscuits, some rice dishes are her favorite, I did not know alexandrines were so loving and intelligent. From the internet I learned much about alexandrine behaviour and care as I like to do everything near to perfect , she flies to nearby buildings, and comes for feeding in between, a short nap in the afternoons and before sunset she is home. She would enjoy her top position on the curtain rod protected and cosy with the upholstery fabrics.Early morning after our prayers before sunrise she would be free to enjoy her day. Yes she is also toilet trained any would fly fast to the newspaper for relieving herself.
Alexandrines are very intelligent pets and also some do speak, she also would speak a few words but she loved others more than me, I am not allowed petting and stroking and this favor was only for my son and other members of our society. The loving care and self less dedication I have spent many sleepless nights for her safety, the decision to not keep her in cage. twice she had been caught and saved after few days of hunting, and this is the third time. She is missing since the past week, hope we find her soon. I have not expected anything in return and people wonder why I do what i do, when she comes at odd times I feed her, when she is sick or afraid she comes flying to me, and once she had tangled threads in her legs and I sure know how difficult it was to cut the threads and free her! Believing in Karma selfless devotion, my relationship with God, she is very possesive about her food and once she is done only them can other birds feed, she bosses around our window and drives the other birds away.
The reason maybe she loves small kids, and many times she would hurry and eat fast and rush back. Some one may be has taken advantage and confined her to cage as she looks pretty and sure knows how to attract attention by talking few words. Due to my love and care, people are saying she has become very bold and confident as she would fly to any new person also and wish to communicate and enter homes.her inquisitve nature has to be kept busy regulalry as we have lost many shirt buttons whch she loves to nibble and also mobile phones are no no when she is near, the buttons, but now she does not touch any objects and as my firm voice she stops pulling any objects around the house and only plays with her toys. Recently she has started to not come back home for sleeping and would come in the morning, still I have allowed her as she would earlier also take a stay as guest by the neighbours during the past years.
Pets, I have learned what i was missing, the dedication, selfless love, compassion, she has broken all my rules of discipline, she has taught me so many things, there is no reasoning with pets, you just love them as they are, I miss her...
Hope we are able to locate her soon. I am praying, please do pray, Portfolio

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