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Monday, November 26, 2012

New Young Art Collectors Few Guiding Tips - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Young enthusiasts are beginning to consider buying art for collecting purposes along with our prestigious established art collectors  jotting down few points that would guide our new young art collector.

Are you a serious art collector, beginning an art collection takes time and effort and of course money! are you willing to keep spending money for buying art over the years to develop a strong art collection. Making a good collection takes years and is a great feeling as established art collectors indicate.

Budget, money for buying art.  Fix a tentative budget that you wish to spend for buying art. Making an good art collection will require you to spend money , little, sometime more on regularly buying paintings.

Reputed art galelry or online art galleries,  the source, buying art as a new art collector will require advice from know people in this field. Which art to buy, how much to spend for an artwork, how to negotiate for buying art, all will need some thought.Contacting reputed art galleries, conversing with established art collectors, and forming a simple flexible plan for buying art and beginning an art collection of years ahead. For this you may as a new young collector brush the internet for online galleries displaying art or visit any local art galleries whenever you have time.

This will help you to avoid buying fakes and also purchse genuine art by getting an authenticity certificate from the gallery. 

Though art does not multiply very fast in financial terms but it is sure emerging as an investment form giving good returns. Buying from new promising artists would bring art into your collection at cheaper rates and negotiable prices. Investing in art from established artists would give you returns sooner, the choice would be yours, the new art collectors. Portfolio

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