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Monday, October 22, 2012

Symbols of the Early Risers - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Before sunrise I have this habit of being quiet, alone in the garden, looking at the sky, feeling the stillness in nature, the fragrances of the jasmine and of course meditating with the rose.The rose flower is very special unique, as it appeals to all our senses. The fragrance so fresh, and the deep layer by layer or petals , very calming and good for focusing.
The majestic eagles very early risers since past , as I notice the pigeons fluttering with the dawn, so also the small humble sparrows twitter and collect food, there is daily a group of black egrets who fly off very early, before the day begins, before sunrise to the destination.The motive , only one in search of food in safety, aplace where there is abundance. I am awe struck to see the different formations they fly in, sometmes it is a 'V' victory, other times they fly in a pattern of huge bird, and even other another time they look like a 'M' or 'W'.
After reaserching on this topic  I have understood that flying in such manenr helps them to save energy and fly togther without much effort. Safety and conserving energy , as high levels the air pressure is too much.Every artist must belong, the group to support, help, encourage, guide each other.
In every other profession we see colleagues guide and refer their fellows, why not artists, we too can refer and guide the buyers to a fellow artist if they are in search of a particular genre of work. As it is if the buyer is not interested in our work we may not sell, maybe someone else may benefit with our reference.The buyers will also feel respected and we all will form a connection to each other which will help all other artists. Portfolio

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