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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why most Masters in Arts are not Artists? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
I have met many artists who after doing Masters degree in finearts are working somehwere and earning good money. Writers, managers and teachers, on asking them just agree, art is not for them.Why does this happen?
Is the creativity of an artist dead or or they forced to choose another better option for income source. They just never think of painting on canvas or even hangng their own art. Many famous artists are self taught and have followed their heart. Dream, Dream is what is missing. Somewhere down the line they have never wished to take this path. there are others who after struggling for the day with a job paint at nights, save for an show and still dream to become famous as an artist.The true path and the perseverance both in harmony lead to your right road. In feng shui the corner facing the north east section is one that promotes self goals. Activating this area helps to find out the true path you are destined for in this journey of life. You may activate your feng shui luck by putting some healing stones here or displaying a gem stone or rockstone arrangement.You may also have your comfortable seat, sofa set, sette, or recliner here in your living room and sit daily for sometime in this area. Whatever you are destined to be will come forthe within few days of sitting in this corner.Try it.
Life is all about choosing the right path, nature and the universe helps you after this. A strong will and interest will lead you to live a successful life, not only rich with materialistic things but also spiritually rich and fulfilling life. Do have a dream a very big dream, dream for the sky and you may at least reach the tree top! All the Best and take care!
I wish to make simple, colorful, understandable healing art. Portfolio

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