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Friday, September 7, 2012

Spread Your Healing Fragrance LikeThe Fragrance of the Night Queen Flowers - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Early morning fresh sunrise near the raat rani and jai flowering bushes, the light rains and the fresh atmosphere, the quietness of the breeze, the rain drops after the quiet..every artist must work towards achieving a uniue identity.
Just like the fragrant flowers who spread their fragrances wide and vast we must try to reach as much as possible for world wide exposure. Healing energies are best during early mornings as the mind and body is fresh and have pure thoughts. Like a clean slate you mould your day according to your thoughts. An artist must strive hard to not only keep painting but also sharing their art. Many artists mention this is not their cup of tea. Well i say you are the best person to describe your art. There is no one even if you hire someone who can sell your art like you can. You just have to follow your heart and ways come forthe for you. 
Online art galleries are the best and with the event of internet culture online art galleries are a very good opportunity to showcase your art to the world. Select an online art gallery that not only exposes your art to the world but also helps in promoting you as an artist and brings out your best in front of the world. I have had experience with many online art galleries and some just offer space but some go out of the way and offer you their heart! not only they contact buyers and collectors but regularly keep promoting your art in innovative ways.. Bless you my favourite online art gallery .Have a Rocking Day ahead! Portfolio

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