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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do You meditate Before Painting? - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Being a healing artist since past more than a decade this question is what comes up frequently, do you paint after meditation or do you paint while meditating? well no I paint when I paint and meditation is all done during early mornings only when the mind is fresh after the morning prayers.
Meditation and exercises all are a part of any healers life as they need to be well grounded to be able to heal others. This is very important as healers too often tend to catch the negative energies of the healee while healing if they are not strong and grounded. I have been in painting for the purpose of healing and I need to have positive energy and thoughts for any art to be done. But this does not mean I meditate while paintign as I term painting itself is a form of meditation and prayer and I do forget food, climate and the environment while I am painting, I am too much into the painting not aware of the time and I love my studio corner where I can paint peacefully.
Meditaion and auric exercises have to be done and have been doing since I took the path of Reiki Master. This along with listening to healing sounds and music of the five elements have been the routine since past ten years.Not anymore.  I do not meditate everyday now and only when the need for extra energy arises the body and soul indicates so, then the routine is followed for few days, months or as the need of the soul is. To become well grounded there are many Reiki exercises that strengthen the chakras system and the aura. I would advice every individual  to take out few minutes from your daily schedule preferable mornings and sit in a quiet corner, relaxed. rub and warm your palms and feel the energy, if your body needs it you will feel it, place your hands over your eyes, side of head, neck, shoulders and every part of your body for few minutes each. Your own body will indicate how much energy is required and where. This is positive energy form the universe and all are open to this unlimited source except when there are karmic issues, mental blocks, chakra blocks the individual will not feel the energy and the problem will persist, here there is need for a healer to remove the blocks and open the gates to freedom, success and happiness.
So while I am a healer and mind control and focus is very essential for any career so also artists need to be focussed on their art. Painting is what I do while I am painting! without music and without being in mode of meditation, but in a trance as if guided by the spirit guides for selecting and using the symbols. Most artists will agree with me as they have connected with their guides, the pure true self, only then can they make good art. Portfolio

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