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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Use Amethysts Stone for Healing

The amethysts stone needs to be purified and charged regularly if the person wearing it has worn it for special healing purposes. This only be done by healers but here I share this knowledge with you. Even you can do it in your home. The whole process needs to be in clear mind and clean environment. Amethysts stone needs to be washed with mild warm water and Wipe it immediately with soft muslin cloth. Sun dried in early morning sun for few minutes your stone is now ready for your intentions. .
Now use incense to clear off any energy into the stone that has been carried forward from the shop or dealers environment. Clear your mind of any thoughts , make it empty, now start visualizing all that you require from this amethysts stone. Any amount of healing wishes can be put up as intentions,. If you find it difficult to focus on positivity then you may also write out your wishes and read them in front of the amethysts stone as if commanding it to follow your orders. Once set the stone is now ready for use. Either place it in your best position or in case of jewellery wear it, here there are also timings and days which are best according to feng shui for each month born people or date of the months and numerology is another vast field related to feng shui . Like Saturdays is the best , morning 10 to 1 is the timing for February borns to wear any amethysts jewellery for best healing results the other month borns may wear jewellery of their lucky birth stone according to the best time and day.
Place it near your body or heart for best results if suffering form depression, anxiety attacks, insomnia and night mares or bad dreams. People suffering from lungs problems and breathing related problems also have been improved by amethysts stone healing properties. Low self esteem, low confidence, low concentration and poor memory, memory loss also has been proved that this amethysts stone helps to improve in all aspects of your life.
After few months or when you feel the power of the stone has reduced, that is you begin to attract negative thoughts or experiences, do remember to purify your amethyst stone and again put up positive intentions to it. This is required when the case is of sever metal problems or low self esteem and confidence and poor school grades. Especially people who are in the creative field like art, writing, acting, advertising and healing all benefit immensely from wearing the amethysts stone and its healing properties. Wearers of this amethysts stone are rewarded with Good name , recognition, good creative energy and clear focussed mind.

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