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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thoughts on Sacred Geometry - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio

The universe has its own design, which may be or may not be visible to us. As we observe nature and the patterns in the flowers, plants and in fact everything visible to us, as also the invisible auras that show definite patterns and movements we are time and again reminded of the different shapes seen and that which unifies them all together to form a beautiful divine design.

Creation in any form has some shape and we tend to give it a particular shape by our experiences. Nature has a unique way to unify and collect together everything to form a whole. There are shapes everywhere, sacred geometry is nature's way to assemble everything in form of different shapes and make a whole. When i see a house it seems a sqaure or the sun .. only a golden glowing circle the shining jewellery forms a shiny star shape and the leaves form a rectangle of green!

each object leaves its original shape and manifests itself as a colour and simple shape. Every shape is beautiful, symbolic and meditative and leaves me with a feeling of peace, especially the circle that is a completion symbol indicating that everything in this universe is linked together..must try to move on to other shapes from the circle, rectangle, square and the triangle, even though there is a special connection with the octad which I think will never leave me, the divine connection.

The advanced sacred shapes  the octahedron with eight faces, the symbol of intellect is made of eight equilateral TRIANGLES and is also a sign representing element air or wind. As each sacred geometry  shape represents each birth sign and each element it would give great healing results when these shapes are kept close to the individual requiring healing or meditated upon. The tetrahedron, hexahedron, especially the dodecahedron..the symbol of the universe which represents the whole zodiac signs and is good for mediation to connect to the heaven and earth,  spirit of ones self. Portfolio

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