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Friday, May 25, 2012

Painting Price concessions for Artists - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio

Considering that in any field when we see professionals or private businesses people offer concessions and sales to their field people. Can an artist offer another artist an artwork for less. Many professionals either offer service free or some concessions in goods from the same field people. A doctor may give free servie of checking up to another doctor's family and only charge for medicines, a chemist gives some concession in the total billing, and so on, when an artist loves the work of another artist but cannot afford it, would it be right to ask for a concession for fellow artist?

I feel why not, when other fellow groups support their kin why not artists? Artists are known to be great appreciaters of art. An artist is the only person who can understand the processes involved in making of a piece of art. And would also be the best to value your art. And who knows one day when the rates of the artist shoot up they may own an heirloom for ages to go!

There is also another aspect to this as to how much concession can be allowed in pricing. It is better to be grounded than going emotional and selling  off your work for much less. Giving a reasonable concession of maybe twenty to thirty percent I feel would be appropriate as you also consider the costs involved in materials and shipping, maybe you can also let go of the shipping charges , the line has to be drawn some where, otherwise I would end up bankrupt if sharing art for free..among artists and friends! Portfolio

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