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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art Pricing Simple Guidelines

Art Pricing Simple Guidelines

 I have displayed art on many online galleries since the past 16 years and many of these galleries have become non-functional I just have no way to update my portfolio or my price list, as even my age mentioned, I am still 

Kindly check my art prices, on my healing paintings website. Thankyou! 

Absolute Healing on Brown Wall

First of all I would like to mention that all my art prices have been updated and the latest prices are on Many art websites where I have displayed my works since the past 16 years have become non-functional and there is no way I can update them.
Art prices is a very tricky topic and how you rate your art is just upon you.
Few Guidelines on how to price your art-
Be practical and rate your art according to the resources and materials you have used. By this I mean canvas, paints and any other materials and do consider the time and efforts you have put in. It is understood that water colours are cheaper than oil paints and canvas is more costly than paper. Still it is upto you to rate your work.
Rate according to the topic. This is what I have to do many times as each artwork is different. The size will not matter but the symbols and the techniques or the meditation processes involved in the healing artwork are different and have different meanings, so I have to rate each artwork according to the healing energies involved. So no matter you see a single symbol it may be more powerful and rare and a painting with loads of work may be rated low. This happens with many artists when they rate according to the emotional experiences involved with each artwork.
Be realistic- Try to see how much art is selling and the rates. Just for information and guidelines. You cannot just go about with your own price list even when art is not selling. There is also a fear of you becoming labelled as a costly artist and people will shy away from looking at your work, leave aside purchasing! Now this is the tricky part, to get the right price, trial and error method.
Never force a purchase as sales , I would not market my art as discounted price because it would be a disrespect to the symbols used in my art. Unless I am convinced that the healee is in dire need of the healing through my art  I will only then let go of the commanded price. I am not aware of the real world outside in the sales field but it would be good to first rate your own work and then keep to it, otherwise you will not have any good base, and people out there are waiting to give free unwanted advice, just go by your gut feelings in pricing, it always works.
One most important tip especially for online galleries and website- Keep your prices updated and keep gradually increasing them maybe two to three years or according to your presence in the art world. This has happened with me, since I have registered on many online galleries I had my works displayed since  the past 12 years. Now many of these art websites have become non-functional and there is no way I can update them . So I am stuck up with the prices of 12 years back for my art pieces. Here comes the help of blogs and websites where you keep updated information so that you do not mis lead the buyers and also are not at a loss when you are approached for a purchase.
Commitment to buyers in pricing and Universal Pricing- If you have committed to a lower price then keep it. Do not back out, keep your reputation and just go ahead with the sale of your art. The field of art pricing is not an emotional one where you say a different price for a business person and some thing different for the next door person. Buyers have access to internet and they enquire about prices in different galleries and may feel  cheated if the same piece is available at less on some other gallery.
So all the  best for making good art, remember art that is good sells.
I aim to make simple, colourful, understandable art. Healing Artist Raz.

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