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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Symphony in Nature- Symbolic Abstract Painting by Healing Artist

Symphony in Nature by Rizwana Mundewadi
This symbolic abstract painting is done with using green for prosperity and growth along with respective colours for balancing the five elements in nature. This feng shui symbolic painting is a balance of five elements that is, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. The symbol for harmony is used to create a balance and connecting the painting as a whole.Feng shui colours for the five elements are used in this painting. The painting Symphony in Nature is done using canvas and oil paint and the size is 40x30 Inches in the year 2011.
The strokes used are totally indicative of the flow in nature and as changing seasons there is a universal harmony all the year round. Nature as a teacher guides us with many lessons and as we see the bright spring flowers coming up after a hiatus of dried winter time there is an immense spurge of joy to notice the growth of new green shoots on the land. Summers along with the intense heat welcome the bright reds and oranges and there is colour everywhere. then come the rains which are a welcome after the heat of summers which brings a fresh start to many new plants and vegetation. Flowers, fruits and prosperity and abundance.
The painting 'Symphony in Nature' came about after observing nature cycles over the years. The close observations of plants, flowers and fruits, the wait and the ecstasy of enjoying all the seasons as they are have been laid out in this artwork. The painting has bold strokes along the canvas and movement can be seen in the painting across the whole canvas.
I love to paint with a big brush as the canvas gets covered easily with few confident strokes, though there is pain felt in hands after the finishing, but it is not possible for me to stop once I take a canvas in hand and begin a painting. I make it a point never to leave any painting unfinished lest God has other plans. . But I had to redo some strokes as I like to have deep and strong colors on my paintings. Painting on a bigger canvas is very satisfying and the result was also quite to my expectation. I love the colors to come out of the painting as be visible clearly as individual colors and to get this result I paint and repaint till I am satisfied with the result.
Placement Suggestions for hanging this Painting- This painting has a lot of fresh bright and shades of green. this color as been consciously and lovingly selected for prosperity and growth. the symbolic meanings of each colour are very important for me and I select my colors carefully to get a good feng shui painting.
With many colors this painting is a very appropriate choice for a living room wall. It will not only brighten up your wall but also become a topic for great conversation. The painting is best for the east, south east or south wall. For better relationships and improving family and friends relationships along with inviting special heaven luck you can hang this painting in the south west corner and experience the healing energy form this painting.
The symbol for harmony is a common one which is easily understood and accepted by everyone. The painting is a self explanatory one and will not need and explanations as it is simple, easy to understand and everyone can relate with this.My aim to make simple, beautiful, symbolic and understandable art, hope I have achieved this.

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