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Monday, March 21, 2011

The New Artist

How does an artist promote their work and become a known face to the public?
Painting and painting good is a very important aspect of any artist. As it is mentioned umpteen times that there is no replacement to hard work it is not the only thing for a person to succeed.
Like many other careers an artist also needs certain advice and guidance to move ahead with their career. Just painting good is only one aspect of becoming known. for the new artist first and foremost they have to learn to be known and visible in the art fields. Artists, curators, art gallery owners, exhibition organizers, art fair organizers, buyers, framers, art dealers and art sponsors to name a few are most important people in any artist's life. These contacts are very essential for any new artist to get feedback regarding their art and also about selling their artworks at appropriate prices.
It is easy to lose oneself in the hassles of marketing and very often a good artist gets carried away with the public demands for  certain works. Here I would advise that every individual is different , just go with the flow and always remember to keep your individuality unique. Your art style may be different and it may take some time for the public to accept it. But continue with your work and there will come a time when you will be accepted as a true artist both by art lovers and other fellow artists as well.
Make connections personally or via the internet with other artists. This will keep you going. Share knowledge and experiences about your painting and art. By getting view points of others and critiques you can improve your art works. Most important display your works either in an art gallery , restaurant or exhibition stall in an art fair. Works can also be displayed on many online art galleries for public viewing.
Don't get scared that anyone will copy your art. This is the most common fear among artists and maybe true to some extent. But always remember to maintain your originality the fake can make the easy buck but you have to last for more decades and decades and make yourself known.
Just keep painting and networking some thing will come up!

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