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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Right Brushes for Oil Painting

Paintings are viewed by us as a replica of nature and colours visible are some how related to colours seen in our surroundings. But many times we see paintings with rough strokes and uneven finishes.  This gives a result of unattractive artworks. Using appropriate and good quality brushes is most important for doing oil paintings.
Since the market is flooded with all types of brushes one wonders as to which brushes will be good for oil painting. Sable hair, natural hair and synthetic fibre brushes are most commonly seen among the art materials available. Natural hair brushes are more delicate and have to be used carefully hence they are mostly preferred by water colour artists. The other brushes available are a mixture of different hairs and synthetic fibre brushes are best for using oil paints. They have soft as well as hard bristles and the softer ones can be used for finer artworks whereas large brushes can be used to cover larger areas with oil paints. Cleaning oil paint brushes is a tedious process and the most difficult to take acre of. This results in many brushes loosing hair and even becoming hard. Using good solvent for cleaning is important and all this depends upon the right selection of brushes.  Soft brushes do not allow proper colour mixing and hence must be avoided.  Different size brushes will give different results and the appropriate selection of brushes must be done for the required area to be painted. One can also take advice of the art material dealer or shop owner who can guide in selection of brushes.
Selection of synthetic brushes helps us to take care of the environment in our own small way. Oil paints must be done by using brushes that are firm and have even bristles. Good quality brushes must be sued to get good results otherwise cheap brushes start shedding hair with single use and this gives an uneven finish during painting.  

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