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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Few Tips to Paint Using Water Colours

Water colours are the most used style of painting and many famous landscapes are done suing this style of painting. Very often we see that this technique though looks simple on trying we do not get good results and we stop using this style of painting.
Let us discuss a few tips for painting better using water colours. First of all water is liquid and care has to be taken that the work area is kept clear of children. Pets also are very much attracted to art materials and have a tendency to enter announced. Hence to avoid mess one must keep the work area cleared and clean before starting to paint. Lots of rags and sponges to absorb excess water must be kept handy. This technique requires strong hand control and it is very difficult to direct the flow of water. Using good quality paints will help to bring good results otherwise using cheap art materials and you end up with a lighter green and paler blues! Any paper can do but using hand made paper has given best results with water colours. This has to be made wet carefully to make the paper more absorbent. Care has to be taken to use water carefully so as to avoid getting a soggy paper. Outlines and final strokes are most important to give soul to your paintings. Though colours used appropriately will make an attractive painting but the final highlight touches using less water helps to define the shapes and forms in the paintings.
Water colour technique is the most simple technique for some artists if you love it, and the most difficult for some who on trying umpteen times still have not got the hang of it!

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