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Friday, October 15, 2010

Internet art sites a boon

The internet has given me my share of limelight. It is the best mode to get world wide exposure. There are so many competitions and opportunities for artists around the globe. Vast audience and lots of viewership.  Critiques around the world can see your works and comment on them. One can get knowledge about various art techniques , art materials, art contacts, art galleries contacts as well as buyers contacts.
Regularly searching for various art sites sites one can get access of different websites that promote online art materials sale.
Many art sites are free for registering by artists around the world. Some of the art sites take a monthly maintenance fee. Others ask for registering for special features to promote art works by paying some annual charges.
Any artist can register on the free websites and display their artworks. There are also some art brokers who are willing to help sell your artworks , with a small amount of commission. 

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