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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to promote art Online

The process of promoting ones art work never really occurred to me. How do I let the world know about my work. Is is possible to paint creatively and honestly without thinking about selling your artworks? I know it sounds strange but we all do feel the pinch of funds for continuing in this field of art. Many take to classes or teaching. I did not find it suitable to go in this direction. I will continue slowly and over the years let my art develop and mature.
I feel when the artist is ready the teacher appears. Having exposure and reading of various fields I have started writing for sharing my knowledge with everyone. Writing is a very good opportunity as there are various websites that help to promote your profession through writing. Ezine articles is one such site where I have been writing on topics like art investment, feng shui, paintings, home loans etc.
Whenever we search the internet we are so confused with the pages and information that is why I have decided to give simple tips and guidelines in my articles.Even feng shui tips and cures given by me are in very simple  forms and which can be understood by all.
There are also various free art websites or some take a nominal fee annually for putting up images of artworks. Some of the sites are given below where my works can be viewed.
I had my works on many free internet sites and this is a great opportunity for global exposure without much investment for the emerging artists. There are also various social networking sites like and others which help to connect various artists and also display their works. Critical appraisal of works is open to all and artists can get suggestions and comments on their works online.
With the Emirates Competition I also got global exposure and my works were viewed by people around the globe.

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