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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Computer Art - The Latest Trend!

Computer art is going on since many years but now it has been lately taking the front seat. Images can be photoshopped to perfection and evn the flaws as well as lighting can be adjusted accordingly. Well also one can change the persons looks drastically and also add images. As there are negative points of imaging more are the positive ones.
Beautiful pictures can be created using the latest versions of Corel Draw and Photoshop. Gone are the days of manual printing and tedious processes. Nowadays the computer has all the stored images and printers are adjusted accordingly to print as many copies as required. Even people can make and print pictures, cards, visiting cards,calendars and diaries from the comforts of their homes.
There are various printers available in the market for printing colored or black and white images. Different types of printing papers are available according to the requirements of the customers. Inks for the printers are also some that are water soluble and fade away on contact with water. The other type of inks though costlier gives good printed images and specific colours according to the picture.
There are many soft wares available to make computer art. Mostly Graphic designers go in for DTP (Desk Top Publishing) course for learning this art. One can earn simultaneously by doing visiting cards, designs on textiles, tiles, marriage and other function cards , calenders, diaries and creative note books as well as keep some time for the creative spirit and create some art.
Computer art works can be displayed in art galleries to give a wider exposure to the artworks. Graphic designers can earn a good salary and even establish themselves as artists over the years.

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