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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Progressive Growth' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

Rizwana Mundewadi 'Progressive Growth' Painting Oil, 2007 - Premiere Artist Portfolio at

added this colourful still life on the site absolute arts ,
The fusion of both the energies, earthly as well as spiritual, as I have been so confused with these thoughts over the past many years.Religion and spirituality are two totally different concepts, am clear very much now.
Is it necessary to leave all worldly desires to become pure. Is it necessary for all Godly people spiritually inclined to lead a simple life? why is it necessary that we act or behave like saints? we can be perfectly normal people inclined towards spirituality ..leading the life normally only our thinking differs.
The Red Pilgrim by Mrs.Rizwana A.Mundewadi
After this artwork has come the Red Pilgrim, the red robe almost like a bride but simple , almost light like silk and pure without any instead of black or white which is most common among spiritual people I prefer red!red which was not my favorite color few years back has now suddenly come up in my paintings as well as my wardrobe.

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